AMC Diversity Charter

At AMC, we believe that there should be no impediment to success for any of our colleagues, candidates or clients based on race, sexual orientation, religion, age, gender or disability status. Through our approach to executive search as well as our industry insights we also endeavour to educate the organisations we work with about the importance of diversity and inclusion to their corporate growth.

We do this not only because we recognise that diverse leadership is critical to an organisation’s success, but because we recognise the role that an executive search firm can play in achieving diversity by ensuring that conscious or unconscious biases do not affect recruitment processes.

Our commitment to industry-leading standards of diverse recruitment is reflected in AMC being a signatory of the Government’s Voluntary Code of Conduct for Executive Search Firms and the HM Treasury's Women in Finance Charter.

However, we have also developed our own charter to outline how we ensure Diversity is central to every stage of our search process and interactions with the financial services industry.

Our Charter

  • Shows that we are committed to increasing diversity in our clients’ business as well as within our own;
  • Recognises the importance of supporting the progression of diverse candidates into senior roles, both for the success of individual organisations and the financial services industry;
  • Incorporates both long and short-term initiatives to increasing diversity in financial services;
  • Is aimed at achieving recruitment of the most talented individuals, regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, age, gender or disability.

We promote Diversity in financial services through our search process by:

  • Challenging our clients to consider diversity to be a priority for every hire we work on.
  • Never presenting long lists comprised of less than 30% “diverse” candidates.
  • Positively encouraging interest from diverse candidates who may not have been involved in executive search processes before, but who our consultants know are equipped with the skills, talent and experience to excel in a specific role and organisation.
  • Consistently reviewing the wording of our position descriptions and our approach to describing roles to candidates to guarantee that the language used appeals to a diverse range of potential candidates;
  • Producing shortlists that are representative of the diversity within the talent pool for the particular role(s);
  • Being prepared to challenge our clients’ opinions regarding candidates’ suitability to roles, by encouraging a focus on intrinsic competencies and capabilities rather than over-valuing specific experience;
  • Discussing and recognising the needs of individual candidates when negotiating compensation packages to achieve the best result for both candidate and clients (for example, concerns surrounding family commitments for women candidates);
  • Having a willingness to discuss with our clients' clear diversity targets for their organisation and to develop plans to increase the pool of diverse candidates in their organisation and thus the industry;
  • Aiming to successfully place women candidates in 50% of the senior leadership searches we conduct.

With our colleagues, we

  • Acknowledge the value in different perspectives and experiences the diversity of our colleagues offer when working with clients and candidates;
  • Insist on providing opportunities to graduates, interns, mentees with diverse profiles to develop careers in executive search and financial services. 

In our engagement with external stakeholders in financial services, we promote diversity by building partnerships with local organisations whose purpose is to promote careers in financial services amongst diverse future candidates, volunteering as mentors to provide guidance to students pursuing a career in financial services when they otherwise would not have such support.

Our diversity success:

As a consequence of our commitment to diversity, in 2022, 50% of candidates placed into our clients by AMC were women. As a firm, we are excited and committed to furthering this success and diversity within financial services in the coming years.

As of 1st August 2023 we have 50% female representation in senior management. Our target is to maintain 50% by January 2024.

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