Executive Leadership Build Out – Start Up Robo Advisor

Our client was a start-up premium online investment solution (Robo-adviser) for intelligent, time-constrained and professional end clients, both via direct B2C channels and more structured B2B channels.

The firm combined exceptional, award winning, real active investment experience with leading edge, almost entirely proprietary technology to meet the most demanding needs of its target audience. The solution was delivered entirely on-line via web or mobile device and constituted diversified investment portfolios based in either lower cost, passive only products or, for the more demanding, a blend of active and passive products, always optimised to maximise return for an appropriate level of risk.

With initial funding and a senior leadership team in place, the firm approached AMC to support the next stage of evolution. It required a build out its UK business with exceptionally talented, driven individuals who were excited by the potential of the business and the role they could play in its evolution. Over the course of a 12 month period we led the recruiting of a CIO, Head of Distribution, Head(s) of Sales, Marketing and Proposition. The ongoing governance requirements of a firm of such a nature meant we also supported the firm in building out its Risk and Compliance organisation structure.

The cutting edge nature of the firm and the relative youth of the sector required a high degree of lateral thinking on our part to identify suitable candidates. We were also driven by the need to ensure the fit of such candidates was strong and the marriage of talent, energy and wanting to be part of a growing firm.

We made 5 hires into the firm and continue to partner with them on an ongoing basis. We further supported the business development activities of the firm through thoughtful introductions with key clients of AMC who might seek to build institutional relationships with a firm in this sector.

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