The shortlists are always on point – both in terms of technical competence of the candidates, but more importantly culture fit. AMC take the time to understand our firm and it shows.

HR Director $150bn International Asset Management Firm

AMC are asset management specialists as well as search specialists – a combination which makes a real difference when we talk to them about our plans but also when they represent us in the market.

Chief Investment Officer, $350bn International Investment Management Firm

We trust the firm to represent us in the external market in the best manner possible. They are “grown-ups” who take their jobs very seriously and we’re delighted to partner with them.

EMEA Head of Distribution, $250bn International Investment Firm

Our firm was undergoing a period of significant change. AMC partnered with us from the beginning of this journey and delivered a quality set of processes ensuring key leadership positions were filled in a timely, cost effective manner. Their support will help us deliver upon our business objectives.

CEO, $100bn Multi Boutique Investment Firm

Navin and the team are responsive, thoughtful and highly communicative. A pleasure to work with.

EMEA Head of Institutional Distribution, $400bn International Investment Firm

AMC invested a significant amount of time upfront getting to know us – the people, the strategy and the culture – before we worked with them. We were impressed by their engagement and it meant a very smooth process when we first started working with them.

Global Head of Talent, $350bn International Investment Firm