About Us

We hire across Investments, Distribution and Functions

There are clear guiding principles that define what we do and how we do it. All of these are underpinned by a commitment to do the best job we can for our clients each time, every time. This involves being a trusted advisor to our clients, investing time in understanding their working cultures and offering them access to the best research available in an open, transparent and structured way.

Our Aims:

Trusted Advisors - We work with a small group of clients seeking to add the best talent from the external markets to their teams. We are committed to building long term partnering relationships with our clients.

Client Focus - We operate in an open, transparent manner with all stakeholders we engage with. Our reputations are our lifeblood. We are flexible in our thinking, transparent in our communication and rigorous in our approach to each mandate we work on.

Market Knowledge - We ensure our clients have access to our deep and current understanding of relevant international talent pools on an ongoing basis.

Thought Leadership - We offer our clients access to the thinking of their peers in the market, our research into talent movement and compensation trends.

Lateral thinking - we don’t just rely on the obvious pools of talent for our clients. We challenge ourselves to think differently to achieve the broadest slate of candidates.

Culture - we invest a lot of time with our clients to ensure a deep understanding of their working culture. By ensuring we understand the attributes that define success at our client, we are best able to represent our clients and ensure a successful hire for the long term.

Results– We aim to ensure our appointments make a significant long term impact on our client’s organisations.