Case Studies

Global Head of Marketing- $50bn International Investment Boutique

Our client, a $50bn Investment Boutique had seen rapid growth of its AuM since 2008. It was the fastest growing Asset Manager in Europe, with a blend of market leading product across a range of asset classes and geographies. Its primary focus in on the Wholesale markets and in order to ensure that its growth was maintained, the CEO was seeking to hire a Global Head of Marketing.

Whilst they were based in Continental Europe, they were seeking a pan European search to identify to best talent in the market. Their requirement was not only for someone who could do the job at hand, but also a person with the attributes to manage the further development of the business into Asia and the UK.

We were mandated to partner with them in this process. Our first act was to spend time with all of the key internal stakeholders in the business to ensure there was a consistency on their part about the specific attributes of the candidate they were seeking. We also needed to understand in great depth the new strategy of the firm in order to ensure we could best articulate the proposition to the small talent pool that we were targeting.

This was a broad yet focussed process seeking to map multiple talent markets whilst honing in very quickly on key relevant talent. The additional language requirements added a unique dimension to the identification process.

Over the course of a 4 week period we identified and qualified 3-4 relevant candidates and then supported the client through the multi-location interview process. And then partnered each of the selected candidates through what was a 3 to 6 month process.

The candidate that accepted the offer then looked to us to help him through his resignation process.  We are now working with him to build out his team.